The Awakening

It has been a long journey but we have made it to the seventh and final chakra. I will go through everything you need to know about the seventh charka but at the end I will analyze the stats to my blog. I greatly appreciate all of your yogis support! Now lets talk about the beautiful crown charka aka Saharara is located on the top of your head, your crown. Sahasrara means “thousand pedaled” because the chakra is represented by a lotus flower with 100 petals. The color to this chakra is violet, white and gold. There isn’t just one element that is connected to the crown chakra its all the elements and then the element of thought.

If your crown chakra is under-active you will experience…

  • Spiritual Cynicism
  • Rigid Belief Systems
  • Controlling Others
  • Materialism/Greed

If your crown chakra is over-active you will have…

  • Spiritual Addiction
  • Disassociation from Body
  • Confusion
  • Over intellectualization

You can feel your chakra being unbalanced by feeling it physically thought migraines, amnesia, and cognitive delusions. These physical sensations can stem from withheld information, forced religion, blind obedience, spiritual abuse or even invalidation of one’s beliefs.

When balanced you will be…

  • Broad Understanding
  • Spiritually Connected
  • Open Minded
  • Intelligent
  • Aware of Surroundings
  • Able to Perceive and Assimilate Info

To get to this balanced crown chakra feeling you can meditate, examine your beliefs, establish spiritual connection and establish physical connection.

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Crystals are very important to this chakra because this chakra is the final chakra to your total enlightenment. Some crystals you need to have around should be…

  • Amethyst
  • White Calcite
  • Selenite
  • Obsidian
  • Clear Quartz
  • Sugilite

Now lets talk about nutrition. Since this chakra is more spiritual than physical, it is not nourished with food in the same way that it fuels other chakras. This chakra’s food is simply prayer, meditation and fasting. I’ve got the meditation and fasting part down! The vibrations of this chakra often prefer no food at all. Consider a detox or fast to energize the crown chakra. Try fresh fruit and vegetable juices and drinks LOTS of water.

I have a mediation video for you this week full of affirmations and beautiful music to get you to your most enlightened being.

Now here are five yoga poses you can do to incorporate into your daily practice for the crown chakra.



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That’s all seven yogis! Thanks for coming on this journey with me. I hope every day is as beautiful as the sunrise. I will be back with more posts but this is the closure of my chakra chapter one.

Be who you are, namaste….


I have to tell you guys this is my first time using WordPress to create my website. All the tools provided for you to create your own website are so easy to use. It sucks because I don’t have the tool to put videos in which was my whole basis so overcoming that started out as an issue for me. Though there are other tools available to help you work around any walls you might come to when creating your website. For the improvement of this site I would defiantly allow videos/gifs to be posted on the free version.

This experience has me feeling wonderful and motivated ready to take on the day. I discovered that I like blogging but I have gotten so much exposure to it that I do need a break. I am glad I learned how to create this site and properly write blog posts because I can continue it with my upcoming vegan/yoga/fitness Instagram page. I am about to get my physical being into some of the best shape of my life and having to create a blog about my chosen yoga topic just motivated me/kick started my weightless/fitness journey.

You guys were on my site the most the week of October 23- 29! 27 views and 15 total visitors, wow thank you! My most popular post washy blog review which was posted October 21- I think this is the most popular post because I think the yogi I wrote about shared it with his followers. It was viewed 21 times by 13 different people!

I was surprised that anyone has seen my blog besides my instructors- thank you for coming on this journey with me, I hope you have been inspired to implement yoga into your daily routines.


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