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Hey yogis this week is different- I will be reviewing another blog on WordPress! Yes, I know, I am sad too- I wish I could provide you with solar plexus healing but right now you need to really focus on grounding yourself, healing your sacral chakra and now going to check out Love of Life Yoga Blog. The blog I will be reviewing is from the inspirational Dr. Alan Viau.

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 3.59.54 PM

He lives and does yoga in Ottawa, Canada where he lives with his “sweetheart of 35 years” and they have three adult children living elsewhere in Canada. Before Alan turned 56 his doctors told him he had three cancers, kidney, bladder, and prostate.

In 2015 during the time of numerous hospital visits and other surgical procedures his sweetheart introduced him to yoga. He fell in love with it. That’s the start to my favorite love story. People who seem like the whole world is over fall in love with something so beneficial to their health. He fought and won against all the cancers and now inspiring others to join his yoga movement.

His blog really stood out to me because of his story and his recovery from three different types of cancers and six separate tumors. His blog has a variety of topics under the big umbrella of yoga. He gives us helpful tips on how to change your home into what feels like a yoga spa.

His most recent blog post also my favorite is about how the environment around you effects your yoga practice. Dr. Alan talks about five main components to making your yoga environment peaceful, relaxing and motivating for you to start and finish your yoga practice.

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 5.45.03 PM
You can find Alan’s blog post here.

I applaud Dr. Alan and everything he has gone through. To have the will to go on stronger than ever before AFTER six successfully removed tumors amazes me. My Mom had stage three breast cancer when I was eight years old- in third grade. Her spirit died as the cancer progressed. Though my Mom beat cancer and never had it returned she was never truly herself after that time. I have constantly tried to get my Mom into yoga. Though she is very active outdoors I know how much adding yoga into her life will improve so many different aspects of her life.

Go check out Dr. Alan’s blog- read about his story and maybe you too will be inspired as I am to continue on my yoga teacher journey.

See you next week when we return to discuss the solar plexus chakra!


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