Chakra Say What??

Hello yogis! I am here to answer the big questions revolving my blog: What are chakras? How do we clear them? How do we know that they are blocked? Here I am to answer and give you a little understanding as to what they are so we can know how to clear and heal them. Though throughout the next couple months I will be posting on each individual chakra.

Chakras are believed to be centered psychic energy in the subtle body. This belief is found in esoteric traditions of many Indian religions. The word chakra comes from the sanskrit word meaning wheel, circle or cycle.

In different religions there are a different number of chakras. In tantric traditions- Hinduism and Buddhism- there are traditionally seven chakras. Chakras are a very big part of the yoga practice. As yogis go on their enlightened journey they start at the lower located chakra to the highest chakra blossoming in the crown of the head.

That is my goal- a blossoming crown chakra a.k.a total enlightenment. Restoring my energy into the seven chakras is so powerful that it can renew balance in my life, I will create a deeper sense of happiness within myself, I am going to increase my focus and dedication for future goals.

Click HERE to take a test to see which chakra you most need clearing or balancing. I need to heal my heart. It makes since because I have recently gotten out of a serious relationship unexpectedly. To balance my heart chakra I will be doing heart opening yoga poses and making foods that promote healing in the chakras.

Next blog post I will go through how to know if your root chakra is blocked, how to clear/heal it through methods I think worst best to balancing your life.

My crystals lined on my window’s ledge next to my bed brings in positive energy.

Until next time yogis.

xoxo Indigo

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