Hi I’m Kaylin…

Hi yogis,

my name is Kaylin King- but go by Indigo. I am 20 years old and living in San Marcos Texas. My life didn’t start out in Texas- I was born and raised in San Diego, California. Living 10 minutes from the beach was the best part about growing up in California. When I was in middle school I went to surf camp; it was there that I was first introduced to yoga.

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Me with my one and a half year old rescue named Bailey.

Sadly in 2012 my Dad’s new job would relocate my family to Dallas, Texas.¬†Finishing high school in Texas meant going to college in Texas. I wanted to get out of the state and back to California but in 2014 I visited Texas State University. That’s when I knew that is where I wanted to go. Three years later its 2017 and I am a Mass Communication Major and Theater Minor at Texas State University.

In my sophomore year, November 2016, I got very sick. Doctors couldn’t tell me why I was getting physically ill when I would eat. So I decided to change my diet and start practicing yoga seriously. After a couple months of change my life felt like it was improving greatly. I started researching yoga practices with Boho Beautiful and different natural healing techniques.

That is when I discovered the importance of Chakras. The spinning wheels of energy inside of our spiritual being. I want to share the knowledge I have acquired and applied to heal myself of an unknown sickness. I want to go on an enlightened journey to clearing my chakras and healing.

Yogis, Gypsies, the sick, the lost, join me in this journey of self discovery. I promise it will be worth it.

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Bailey and I do yoga together at the river in the mornings.


Don’t forget to keep up with me on twitter @KaylinKingTXST

Until next time…

xoxo Indigo

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